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About Tanya Ellis

I'm an easy-going mama to 3 humans and 4 fur babies - a dog and three cats. Some call me the crazy cat lady.

I'm loud. Opinionated. Obsessed with guacamole. Sad commercials make me cry. I love to fish. Teal is my favorite color. And I absolutely love nature and to travel and explore - my most favorite place in the world is our little family cottage on the lake, in the middle of nowhere. I love being able to center myself and re-energize my creativity while there and I try and go as often as I can.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a young teenager in high school but it wasn't until the birth of my youngest 15 years ago that I wanted to learn more so I took online courses, joined photography groups, retaining as much information as I could and 4 years later started offering my skill to others. I’ve learned that memories can be the one thing that keeps us going during hard times. They are how we remember our loved ones and cherish our past, sometimes being the only thing we have. I enjoy creating beautiful, authentic images for my clients that can be cherished for years to come. My photos can be described as rich, classic and timeless. I strive in making you feel relaxed and comfortable so the emotion in your photos are truly genuine & carefree and I always aim to make your day stress free and enjoyable.

When my camera isn’t in hand, it’s usually being replaced by a cup of coffee and/or a good book…or occasionally a fishing pole ;)

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